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The initial goal was to garner support for 400 full color illustrated/photo books at $30/book incl shipping anywhere in the world. The final tally was 646 copies via Indiegogo with the campaign closing in early August. Because we hit stretch goals, I am also including a free copy of the eBook version and a mobile app version at no additional cost to those who came in on the crowd funding campaign.

Without their early support there would be no book!

With the progress made since August we are now comfortable with opening up advance orders of the print version of Sugar Surfing. You can go to the book page and use the Buy Now button to place your order.

Sales of the eBook version and mobile app  will open up to the public as we get closer to a finished product. For people living outside of the USA this may be your best option as shipping rates can drive your cost up considerably. Rest assured we are hoping to have the ebook option available to you soonest.

To keep my supporters up to date on the book’s progress I’ve set up a special Sugar Surfing facebook page  with frequent updates.



Vote for your city using the registration form to secure one of the remaining workshops in 2015.

Sugar Surfing Is Coming to London May 23, 2015 (registration closed) and Chicago June 13, 2015 (details soon).

Seating is limited!


I’ve been sharing my own technique for dynamic diabetes management which I’ve developed over the course of several years now via face to face workshops and via my facebook page. A great example of Sugar Surfing is shared here where the following diagram is discussed.

(click on image to enlarge)

While facebook conversations are fun, they are not conducive to a logical presentation of concepts designed for education. So, when many of the 4,000 people on my facebook page asked me to write a book about Sugar Surfing ( I couldn’t say no.

If you want to read through over 700 posts so far this year and the comments anyone could learn most of my tips and tricks. But, you would have to piece my Sugar Surfing method together on your own and that would probably be difficult. So, I decided to write a book, crowd fund it and now the rest is history. My crowd funding project was successful and we’re on track to deliver this book in mid January 2015 (Update as of January 5, 2015: Publication delayed to mid Feb 2015).

Free Workshops


To date I’ve delivered 15 three hour workshops at various locations throughout the USA. Thanks to generous support, I am able to meet with some great people beyond Texas as I’ve been funding this program entirely out of my own pocket thus far. My hope is that we can generate even more support for an expanded workshop schedule in 2015 and beyond.

The upcoming conference workshops that are already committed are:

1) London, UK: This workshop is scheduled for May 23, 2015. 

2) Chicago, USA: This workshop is in the planning stage.

All proceeds from sales of the Sugar Surfing toolkit (books, apps and t-shirts, etc…) are used to further my educational programs.

If you have already paid for your advance book order during our Indiegogo campaign or via The Last Chance Sale (via Paypal), all ordering information including shipping address and the name you want in the book credits was confirmed prior to publication. An email was sent out directing you to a Google Form. This form is now closed.

If you can’t wait and want to know more about Sugar Surfing you can review a couple of slide decks that I posted previously online. A dedicated site is also in development and will come online in sync with the book publication. Finally, Chapter 1 of the book entitled, “The Sugar Surfer’s Manifesto” is available for free download here.

To jump to my Frequently Asked Questions specifically around CGM click here.

Also check The Library for more information.

In April 2013, hundreds of people traveled to Kerrville, Texas and paid a conference attendee fee to help me cover the costs because they wanted to learn how to optimize their use of CGM. Now I’m sharing the presentation (powerpoint only / no audio) I created for that event for free with my online community.

I would also like to share a 2 page slide presentation.



Please feel free to share with others and don’t forget to give me feedback after you’ve reviewed it. Maybe you like it and maybe you don’t. Maybe I forgot to include something very important. It’s up to you to let me know and as I’ve said many times before I believe that I learn as much from my patients as they learn from me.

9 thoughts on “Sugar Surfing”

  1. I received an empty envelope today that was suppose to contain the sugar surfing book, however, the package apperently became open during transit. Hopefully you can rectify this situation by sending me the book with better package sealing. Working in a shipping department myself, sometimes the package needs extra tape.

  2. Dear Dr Stephen Ponder,I have just pre ordered your book. My son has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 2. we do not have a cgm however I feel the book will be so useful . Looking forward to reading this. Keep in touch best wishes Jenny

  3. I’ve been looking for years for some kind of “camp” for Type 1s to spend time together learning to cope, to cook, to alter recipes, to add exercise, to really understand what the numbers mean. I have ideas for what I’d like to experience and would love to hear yours.

  4. Thanks for sharing. CGM is indispensable to control particularly for long-term “brittle” T1s. We needn’t settle for mediocre control anymore.

  5. Great presentation, you nailed down facts (times and amounts) I’ve learned in general over the last 8.5 years with CGM. Although amounts can change going from person to person, times stay similar.

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