Sugar Surfing Workshops

For details about specific planned workshops click on the link below:

London (UK)      – 23 May 2015
Chicago (USA)  – June 13, 2015

Need to know more about Sugar Surfing? Go here.

Trying to order the book? Click here.

Please use this registration form to tell me your preferred location for a Sugar Surfing Workshop in 2015. We are hoping to support several workshops this year. Your vote is what counts the most and it honestly will take you less than a minute to get my attention for your city. Thank you.

Interested in a diabetes education cruise? Tell me more in the registration form as in your preferred port of call.  I’ve put these on before and they were a big hit so I’d love to add one for 2016 but only if I can get enough people to indicate their interest.

20 thoughts on “Sugar Surfing Workshops”

  1. I think Kansas City would be a Great location for your seminar being in the middle of the United States with a major airport hub plenty of hotels and locations to hold a seminar to very good children’s hospitals one in Kansas City one in Columbia. That families from Iowa Nebraska and Kansas travel to for treatment of their children with type one diabetes

  2. I cannot attend the Chicago workshop because of a memorial service for my aunt who died recently. I’d be willing to travel any reasonable distance from Kansas City to attend one, and would also be interested in the cruise option. Thanks!

  3. Very much interested in Edinburgh. Other nearby cities would be easy to travel from too so I would expect a very good turn out.

  4. I have already voted for Washington D.C. but since I live in Costa Rica and we are desparately in need of better Diabetes education here (we have basically been on our own to figure it all out), we would love to explore the possibility of helping to organize a workshop here for the T1D community. Please feel free to contact me by email. I work as the manager of Operations for a Tour/travel company here and have lots of connections to organize the logistics of such an event. Please let me know if you would be interested.

    1. Hi Heather,

      We’re considering everywhere that people are interested. You know you can just type Puerto Rico in the Other option, right? Anyway thank you for sharing your interest and I hope you and the Internet can rally support for workshop in Puerto Rico. The more votes the better. Also, stay tuned for the forthcoming book which will begin shipping to our early crowd funders in January and to new orders in February. More about the book at including a free download of Chapter 1 – “The Sugar Surfer’s Manifesto”.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I live in Costa Rica (not Puerto Rico) and yes, I will work on rallying the T1D community here to vote. I have already pre-oredered and paid for the book but have not received it yet. Could you let me know what the status is on the order? Many thanks!

  5. It would be great to have a clinic in the North Carolina/South Carolina area. We have a large population of type 1s and also large pediatric type one clinics. More and more people are using CGMs and need guidance.

  6. My 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son were diagnosed almost a year ago. You have been inspirational and progressive in your development of dynamic management. My wife and I will most certainly want to attend one of your conferences.

    1. Hi Dan – you’re registered based on your use of the registration form above and indicating London as your desired location. Thank you.

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